Getting Started with Asset-Map

We're committed to ensuring your success. Scroll below to learn more about your On-boarding expereince.



Welcome to Asset-Map!

Your Success Coach will work with you to help you get up and running on your Asset-Map Platform.

We will walk you through our best practices to ensure you are on the right track for success.

Once you have successfully added your households and set up an Asset-Map and Target-Map, your on-boarding is complete!


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Here's what you can expect during your On-boarding.


Customer Success Kickoff

Our job is to help you get started using Asset-Map Platform. We will share best-practices and tips to make your on-boarding seamless and engaging!

On our first call you'll learn how to navigate the platform, create an Asset-Map for your next client meeting and we will review your resources to get the most out of your Asset-Map experience.

Click here to schedule time with your Client Success Coach!


First Call Preparation

To make the most of our time together, please complete these tasks prior to our first call.

Tasks to complete:

  1. Login to Asset-Map Platform.
  2. Set your password.
  3. Confirm your account information.
  4. Add your first Household.

If you have any trouble with these tasks, don’t worry, we can discuss them together.


On-boarding Complete

Once you have successfully added your households, set up an Asset-Map and a Target-Map, your on-boarding is complete!!

Customer Support is available from 8am-5pm EST at 888-664-8850 and additional resources are available in our Support Center.

On-boarding Plan

Steps to get the most reward for your investment.

Start Here

  • Login to Asset-Map Platform
  • Customize Profile Information
  • Upload Professional Photo
  • Grant Delegate Access

Asset-Map with Clients

  • Add 5 Households
  • Apply a Stencil
  • Print Asset-Map Report
  • Share Asset-Map in Client Meeting

Asset-Map with Prospects

  • Create a Stencil
  • Apply Stencil to Household
  • Share in Prospective Client Meeting
  • Correct Client's Asset-Map

Share Funding Status

  • Set Target-Map Preferences
  • Build a Templated Target-Map
  • Build a “Custom” Target-Map
  • Print Comprehensive Report & Share with Clients
Download On-boarding Guide
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