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What clients expect from their Financial Professionals

"Know Me."

Advisors must have an understanding of their client’s current state of affairs and their values. Who is important, what is relevant and why.

"Know My Situation."

Clients and their trusted advisors need to be on the same page. Advisors should completely acknowledge and focus on the goals, priorities and concerns of their clients.

"Know My Options."

Financial professionals should provide a clear, jargon free, action plan that is suitable, appropriate and achievable.

The Asset-Map Process

Asset-Map is transforming the way financial professionals collaborate with clients and prospective clients.

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Simplify and reduce complexity. The Asset-Map is a single page, visual catalog of a household’s financial instruments. 


Eliminate paralysis by analysis. Target-Maps present how well funded a household is towards any financial objective. This is done on a single page for each goal, such as education, long-term care, philanthropy, retirement...


Foster trust and gain referrals. Engage in clear, jargon-free, communications with your clients. The more quickly everyone understands which strategies are truly in the client's best interest, the more likely you can implement solutions.

The Impact of Asset-Map
If a picture is worth a thousand words - an Asset-Map is worth 326 billion (so far).


Annual Income









Insurance Benefits


Mapped financial instruments

Professionals using the Asset-Map Platform have visually mapped $326 billion in financial instruments (as of July 30, 2016).

What We've Heard From Financial Professionals and Their Clients

  • It's what I always wanted from my Advisor but didn't know how to ask for it by name.

    Financial Planning Client

  • We can't explain it, clients love their Asset-Map

    30-year MDRT Financial Professional

  • I used to use the other tools, but Asset-Map uncovers unexpected opportunities every time.

    5 year Financial Advisor

  • I just finished my first meeting with Asset-Map and I'm simply blown away.

    District Manager

  • The client experience with Asset-Map is fantastic. They love the convenience of it.

    15-year Financial Advisor

  • I want to thank you personally for creating Asset-Map. It is really everything I wanted in a process with my clients. It has really brought back a passion for me in this business.

    10-year MDRT Financial Professional

  • I’m ex-Military, so process and systems are important to me. Asset-Map and Target-Maps are the first tool I’ve seen where the training wheels have been removed.

    4-year Financial Professional

  • People just want to be told what to do after discussing their Asset-Map.

    7-year Financial Advisor

  • The best tool I’ve ever seen to enhance communication with clients.

    20-year Producing District Manager

  • We are thoroughly impressed we are with the Asset Map program you shared. I have never seen the information broken down in such a clear and concise way. What you shared was a picture of our future that we can embrace. We are so excited!

    Financial Planning Client

  • I used to use other tools, but Asset-Map uncovers unexpected opportunities every time.

    5-year Financial Advisor

Less tech. More you. Relevant advice.

(In our relationship...)

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