Customer Stories


Hear straight from the people who use and love Asset-Map every day. Here’s how some of our Advisors are strengthening Client relationships through the technology they use.


How One Advisory Firm Recouped 1,800 Working Hours Using Asset-Map

We all want to find more ways to communicate our ideas clearly and efficiently. Adding Asset-Map made it simple for him to intentionally communicate with Clients and put better plans in place to protect the assets and wealth they’ve built.


How Well Lived Wealth Creates Simple Answers to Complex Questions

If you’re like most people, a good cup of ☕️ is an essential start to your day. And if you’re like Molly Ward, Asset-Map is the shot of espresso your firm needs to make complex conversations simple.


How to Stay Passionate about Providing Financial Advice

After 40 years in financial services, Henry Swan found a way to reignite his passion and elevate his Client experience with Asset-Map. See why Swan said his new FinTech tool gave him the energy to feel like a new agent again.


How One Advisor Tripled Production with Meaningful Client Conversations

Feeling stuck in your advisory practice? Read more about the FinTech solution that gave one Advisor the confidence he needed to keep going and see how he tripled his production in one year with Asset-Map.


There aren't many things in this world where I'd say they're worth every penny. Asset-Map is worth every penny.

John G., Asset-Map Advisor


How Advisors Can Use Asset-Map to Plan for Firm Succession

RIA firms set another record high for mergers and acquisitions in 2018. If your firm is looking to sell or even simply pass on your company to new internal stakeholders, how do you know that your critical Client knowledge is being passed on correctly? As the JBirney Financial has grown, they’ve used Asset-Map as a way to transfer knowledge and fill possible communication gaps.


How Advisors Can Use Asset-Map to Plan for Firm Succession

Multi-generational businesses form the backbone of much of American industry, and wealth management is no different. By using Asset-Map, one brother-sister Advisor team is using Asset-Map to create educated Clients and continue their mother’s legacy of providing exceptional financial guidance.

Why a Visual Plan is Worth a Thousand Words

“When I first saw Asset-Map, it was like a light bulb went off. Asset-Map gave us exactly what we needed to show our clients a simple and intuitive visual that explains their financial plan.” When you've got the right tech at your fingertips, getting organized can be simple.


How to Simplify the Financial Picture for clients with complex finances

Sometimes what the people with the most complex finances need is just a little simplicity. Sharon Killion of SKS Retirement Solutions makes decision-making for her Clients simple by presenting them with a one-page visual summary of their entire financial picture.


Asset-Map has been a great help for our Client's understanding, which allows our team to be more influential in their financial lives.

Emily B., Asset-Map Advisor