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Portfolio Analytics from 10,000ft

Visualize your client's historical account value directly on each instrument. With the integration, you can click to launch Orion and view their Client Screen or Current Portfolio.

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The Data that Matters

View AUM Over Time, Balance Sheets, Gains/Losses, Performance, Suitability and more for each corresponding account found in the household's current portfolio within Orion. Click to launch Orion and view this individual account.


Ease of Use

Quickly and Easily create new households or update an existing household with our synchronization tool. The Asset-Map and Orion integration also supports single sign-on, so you can log in without needing to enter your credentials again. 

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More Information

“The Orion integration worked great! I just used it with one of my most complex clients. She had various assets of her own and is custodian of some of her daughter’s assets. I simply imported them in from Orion and shared with her. It made the meeting really productive!"

Gary, CFP from Florida


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