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Put Performance In Context

During client meetings, as advisors update and discuss the client's Asset-Map's to make new financial decisions, they often need to dive deeper before giving advice.  With this integration, you can click to "zoom in" to Orion and "zoom out" to Asset-Map without losing the context of how each individual investment fits into your clients' financial future.

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Detailed Reports On-Demand

During client meetings with Asset-Map, it's important to view documents & account history from Orion, and now they're just a click away. Launching reports like Balance Sheets, Gains & Losses, Performance, Suitability, etc., or log into Orion directly.


Ready in 2 Minutes!

Last-minute meeting?  No problem!  Click to sync and then print.  Because clients enjoy drawing notes and corrections on their Asset-Map printouts, we just manually add the held-away assets and insurances during or after the meeting.   

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“The Orion integration worked great! I just used it with one of my most complex clients. She had various assets of her own and is custodian of some of her daughter’s assets. I simply imported them in from Orion and shared with her. It made the meeting really productive!"

Gary, CFP from Florida


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