Customer and Advisor Journey

"Customer Experience" is the hottest topic in most industries today as the technology revolution continues to force change and question the status quo. At Asset-Map, the challenge faced by our financial professionals is answering 'which areas of their customer experience to focus on now' since they all seemed critical. However, because professionals need to be choiceful about which innovations we can prioritize, we wanted to find out which milestones existed for both customers and advisors along the customer experience journey from start to end.



Our Findings 

We identified the critical categories that need attention, specific technologies and approaches that are working in our industry, and shared how customers want to experience this by analogy to existing products and services they already consume.

Our CEO and Founder Adam Holt had the opportunity to share some of these findings to a packed house in March at GAMA LAMP18.

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Financial Advice Journey by Stages

Compiled from hundreds of free-form answers from financial professionals, customers, support staff, vendors and managers, the Advice Journey Survey from Asset-Map uncovered significant insight into the experience.

By overlapping the perceptions, expectations, and experiences of these respondents, we were able to build a framework of the typical journey from initial introduction of an advisor, to supporting the ongoing relationship between customers and their advisors.

The top overlap concerns from all parties are explored in our findings in order to prioritize which investments are critical for small and large financial services firms.



 Customer Journey Scoring Worksheet

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