Five Takeaways from Excell 2019

Alison Susko, Director of Partnerships, Asset-Map

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Carson Group’s annual conference, Excell 2019, in Chicago along with a few other team members at Asset-Map. As our Director of Partnerships, I attend a lot of events each year — but this one left me feeling especially inspired.

The event is an opportunity for Carson’s many coaching and affiliated advisors to come together to learn more about the services Carson offers, but it’s evolved to be much more than that.

With a mixture of big-name keynote speakers and learning tracks that cover a range of financial professionals, Excell is a conference that’s well worth attending.

As I’ve reflected on my experience at the event, I have five key takeaways about Excell 19 that I want to share with you.

1. We are United in Our Differences

No matter how “different” advisors might be — various broker/dealers, fee-based planners, and asset managers all attended the event — the sessions offered and the conversations people engaged in showed that everyone has similar challenges to solve and goals to achieve.

2. There is Strength in Community

There is a sense of community among professionals in our space that really stands out at an event like this. Excell has grown to a big event — around 1,200 attendees this year — but the connections you form still make it feel intimate. Everyone is willing to share experiences and ideas from within their practice on how their clients can be better served and what needs to happen to better position their firm in the future.

3. Everyone Can Learn More

Excell offered general sessions and breakouts that were relevant to all attendees. Whether those attendees were younger advisors just starting out, women in the industry, tenured advisors, or other variations, it seemed that Excell had a track for them all. After attending literally hundreds of events like this, I can see how Excell will continue to grow in attendance for years to come (A Jake Owen concert and mimosas at breakfast don’t hurt either!)

4. It’s a Networking Powerhouse

For me, networking is always my favorite part of an event and Excell was no different. Catching up with advisors and fellow vendor partners I’ve met over the years is a highlight, but even more important are the new tech companies I meet who will become close integration partners on our shared mission to help financial professionals and their clients engage in more productive financial planning discussion. And of course, meeting new clients and prospects is great too!

5. The Growth of Online Relationships

Social media grows in popularity at every event I attend. I’m always making new connections on LinkedIn, or seeing photos shared by people running into friends they may not have seen for years. Most importantly, though, social media helps me to keep in touch after making new connections at an event. And with an event like Excell where the attendees are so active on social media, it’s even than ever to discover new people to follow and meet during an event by finding them online first.

Our team at Asset-Map was proud to be an exhibitor at Excell 2019, and I’m excited to see the new connections I made take shape over the next year.