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Key Insights

Visualize your client's Target Risk number and Portfolio Risk Number directly on the interested individual. With the integration, you can click to launch Riskalyze and view their Client Screen or Current Portfolio.

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Individual Accounts

View Risk Numbers associated with corresponding accounts found in the household's current portfolio within Riskalyze. Click to launch Riskalyze and view this individual account.


Ease of Use

Quickly and Easily create new households or update an existing household with our synchronization tool. The Asset-Map and Riskalyze integration also supports single sign-on, so you can log in without having to enter your credentials. 

More Information

This Integration Requires:
"The fact that it integrates with Riskalyze really helps us use this as a live system. There are very few manual updates needed before annual reviews now. Our clients love it and so do we!"

Emily, CFP, AIF from Colorado


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