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A scalable track to get clients and advisors on the same page (literally).


A scalable and replicable process that helps professional advisors uncover the client facts while engaging them in a non-threatening experience where all interests are aligned. That’s Asset-Map.

Imagine if a firm’s advisors could collaborate their best ideas and advice on 10 households in 30-minutes every week. That’s Asset-Map.

Consider if you could identify every household the firm has ever met with and identify those that are most exposed in the event of a long-term care event or have underfunded retirement accounts. That’s Asset-Map.


What if you could create a process that makes it simple to put different expert eyes on a customized fact-finder to ensure suitability of advice in mere moments? That’s Asset-Map.

What would happen if your existing CRM, portfolio analytics and practice management tools were all integrated into a singular customer centric hub built around continuous fact-gathering? Again, Asset-Map.

Consider what would happen if your customer and advisor experience was exactly the same in face-to-face, digital/mobile and remote meeting environments therefore training only one interface experience. You would be using Asset-Map.

Asset-Map offers a simple visual representation for each client account that serves to keep the discussion on target and assists the advisor in uncovering gaps in the plan. Going into a meeting without it is like building a house without using blueprints. Simply stated, client meetings with Asset-Map are more focused and productive.

-Financial Advisor

Best thing I’ve ever seen for coaching/training new advisors to succeed in the business.

--John President, Raleigh NC

Best. Thing. Ever. Thanks again for developing and spearheading this game-changing tool. The numbers in St. Louis, and for my personal practice, are gaining great momentum. I can say that using Asset-Map is a direct contributor to this success. Frankly, it’s the best tool I’ve ever seen to enhance communication with clients.

-– Firm EVP, St. Louis

A picture is worth...


Annual Income









Insurance Benefits



Mapped Financial Instruments

Professionals using the Asset-Map Platform have visually mapped $326 billion in financial instruments (as of December, 2016).

Integrated into your world.


Financial Planning

Risk and Portfolio Analytics


Performance Reporting

Data Aggregation

Document Vaults

Firm Insight You Need

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Asset-Map, show me every female household business owner over age 55 with income over $100,000, investable assets over $500,000, insufficient life insurance and no Long-term Care solution.

Privacy and Security

Asset-Map is committed to upholding our advisors’ responsibility to customers’ privacy and security. Our application is built using industry-best security and encryption. Visualizing and protecting your client data is our single greatest responsibility.   Explore our privacy policy and terms of use or learn more about our FAQ Endorsement document for firms.

KYC, Suitability and Compliance

Asset-Map was built to visually validate the people, facts and relationships that exist in a household or business. In doing so, this facilitated data gathering process is uniquely geared to promote Know Your Client (KYC) expectations from the client and regulatory perspectives. The suitability of recommendations are greatly enhanced when a visual representation of facts is available.

This leads to measurable compliance metric gains revealed by Asset-Map firms in the US.

Asset-Map has the capacity to generate required client profile reports  in addition to sending digital data to populate CRM, backend compliance systems and Straight-through-processing  (STP) technologies.

Good Habits Align Great Outcomes.

The Keystone Habit for all Professionals:

Founder Adam Holt shares how committing to small wins every week helps firms provide timely and proactive guidance by applying their collective expertise to their client’s current financial condition on a regular basis.  This habit has been proven to engage clients in an appealing experience and is responsible for significant gains in wallet-share and managed lines of business. 

Case Study

Measurable Gains

When professionals see something out of place we have the expectation to provide guidance. Bringing new ideas to the table by using Asset-Map and Target-Maps is easy and fast.

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