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"I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve sat in front of a lot of advisors, but none of them were able to show me something like this. It shows that it’s really about me..."

-Advisor Anthony’s Client: Dentist NYC

"Over the past decade I've worked with you, I have NEVER seen the information broken down in such a clear and concise way. What you shared was a picture of our future that we can embrace and use to plan accordingly. We are so excited!"

-Professional William’s Client: Retired Couple Chicago

"It’s what I’ve always wanted from my Advisor- but didn’t know how to ask for it by name."

-Advisor Stephen’s Client: Executive Client

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The Mandate of Best-Interest Advisors

Know me.

"My Advisors must have an understanding of my current state of affairs and my values. Who is important to me and my household, what is relevant and why."

Know my situation.

"My trusted advisors and I need to be on the same page. My Advisors should acknowledge and focus on the goals, priorities and concerns that are important to me and my household."

Know my options.

My financial professionals should provide a clear, jargon-free, action plan that is suitable, appropriate and achievable for me.

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