Platform Update: Sept 2017


With Q4 just around the corner, we know you’re about to be busier than ever.  To help improve your client communication using Asset-Map, we’ve introduced some new features for our advisors:

New Asset-Map Icon Sets

Your clients asked for it and we made it happen. Choose from a larger selection of member icon styles and colors to customize your household's  Asset-Map Reports.  (*cough New PINK Icons cough*) 

Asset-Map API 

Collaboration and cooperation are key to any firms success. Approved partners can leverage Asset-Map's RESTful API to provide advanced integration with the Platform.

Edit Target-Map Enhancement

Override Asset-Map's template names for your household's financial goals when using Target-Map Reports. Just click any 'What You Want' line item to edit the default name.


Help your clients better understand the complexities of their financial landscape. This update allows Advisors to designate beneficiaries to any of your Household's assets or accounts.

Want to request a feature or integration? Click Here. We'd love to hear from you!


Check your support chat bubble on Asset-Map next Tuesday for more...

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