Master a Remote Web Meeting

By Stefanie Fetterolf | Aug 21, 2017

Remote web meetings have made it easier to stay in touch with clients while being out of reach. If your clients live in a different state, travel often, or get sick (like most of us do), you won't need to cancel the conversation by having the right tools. 

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Engaging, Easy, Memorable. The Benefits of Mind Maps in Financial Conversations

By Michael Schwabe | Aug 08, 2017

A Visualization for Exploration

A mind map is an illustration based on a single concept showing relationships among pieces of the whole. It is a visual representation of connections among parts offering an organized look at a central topic.

According to a article:

• Mind maps can incorporate words, numbers, images, and color and thus be more memorable.
• They can be more enjoyable to make than simply writing lists.
• Mind maps generate ideas, help find deeper meaning and prompt you to fill in more or find what you're looking for.
• A mind map can at once give you an overview of a large subject while also holding large amounts of information.
• Maps mimic the way our brains think, thus are more intuitive.

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AALU 2017: 4 Critical Steps to get the most out of your Conference

By Steve Ambuul | Apr 11, 2017

If you're attending AALU's annual meeting in 2017, make the most of it! 

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NEW! Redtail Integration with Asset-Map Platform

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Feb 17, 2017

We know how important it is to clients and prospects to be heard and understood by the advisor. Clients are focused on their particular situation and when an advisor uses the Asset-Map tool to quickly present the situation visually to a client, it changes the conversation from analysis to advocacy, from judgment to perspective, from paralysis to action.

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Asset-Map Platform @ T3 Conference!

By Stefanie Fetterolf | Feb 13, 2017

The Asset-Map® team will attend the T3 Advisor Conference from February 14 to February 17 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, in Garden Grove, California.

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Asset-Map Tells a Story

By Michael Schwabe | Jan 27, 2017

An Asset-Map is a story comprised of the people and entities that are most important to the central characters: your clients. Your clients are the authors and the stars in their own show. An Asset-Map puts the stars center stage, and their universe is structured around them to help facilitate a common understanding between you, the reader, and them, the authors.

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3 Steps to Engage Your Best Prospects

By Steve Ambuul | Jan 25, 2017

1.   Find them:

This is easy, your best prospects are your existing clients.  Most of your clients came to you to solve some specific problem.  Nearly all of your clients have some need, right now, that they’d let you solve if you make it quick & easy for them.  Nobody lies awake at night worrying about how much they need a comprehensive financial plan.  If you sell comprehensive financial planning, it’s likely that you’ve scared off qualified prospects with your intimidating process.  For you, your best prospects are the people that never booked the 1st or 2nd or 3rd meeting.  Call these people with an apology and tell them about your new visual process for what Michael Kitces calls the “Get Organized Meeting”.

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