H. Adam Holt, ChFC®

H. Adam Holt, ChFC®, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Asset-Map, LLC.
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Humans Leave Financial Services to Start Financial Decision Business

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Aug 06, 2018

Notice I didn’t say financial planning. The traditional financial services business is evolving unlike any time in our history thanks to the speed of innovation in technology. As retail stores are trying to figure out how they will survive the great Amazon effect, so too will our beloved financial services industry continue to see significant distribution pressures. That change is not a reflection on the value provided by the hundreds of thousands of experienced professionals delivering good advice and execution to solve real problems for households. This evolution is about price, speed and choice of products and how they are disruptive to the current distribution model.

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The Quest For The Ultimate Client-Advisor Experience

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Mar 05, 2018

"What we need to do in “FinTech” is to find a way to apply a different kind of AI - Advisor Intelligence."Adam Holt, CEO, Asset-Map

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NEW! Redtail Integration with Asset-Map Platform

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Feb 17, 2017

We know how important it is to clients and prospects to be heard and understood by the advisor. Clients are focused on their particular situation and when an advisor uses the Asset-Map tool to quickly present the situation visually to a client, it changes the conversation from analysis to advocacy, from judgment to perspective, from paralysis to action.

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Integrations, Complications — What Clients Truly Want

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Nov 16, 2016

The future of Asset-Map is an exciting thing to think about. And I think about it all the time.

We’ve received many requests from existing customers to integrate with what they're already using well, and we intend to develop integrations with the best of breed in our industry. We’ve had in place an enterprise Salesforce.com integration and we recently launched our innovative integration with Riskalyze. You’ll soon read more integration news before the year ends.

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How to Create an "Edutaining"
Client Experience

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Sep 28, 2016

ed●u●tain●ment  (ĕj′o͞o-tān′mənt, ĕj′ə-)

1. The act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains.
2. Any of various media, that can capture attention, in order to educate and entertain.

Throughout the years of honing our client experience, one of the most effective models for communicating with our clients was modeled after a classroom/tutor relationship.

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“I already act in my client's best interests...”
DOL replies, “Now prove it.”

By H. Adam Holt, ChFC® | Sep 12, 2016

As the Asset-Map team works through several large enterprise implementations related to solutions for the DOL Fiduciary Rule, we're struck by how differently each financial services firm is approaching their implementation. Some firms are choosing to reinvent their entire point-of-sale experience. Others are integrating add-on technology to existing processes. Some firms are making aggressive pre-sale workflow requirements and others are implementing post-sale rejection workflows.

Most now recognize that because 100% adoption is required, a positive client and advisor experience is essential or the whole sales/advisory process will fall apart.

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